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The main point of this visual argument is that the current American and global economies are very unstable and even out of reach. The picture is very blurry, the weather looks cold (indicating an economic stagnation), there’s traffic, and it looks like a long way until the end of the “blurry” bridge. The dark atmosphere indicates a gloomy tone, and uncertainty. In literature, the color black can be interpreted as mystical or evil. Winter as a season is used to show that nothing is moving (stagnation) and that the market is very “cold.” In literature, this season can be interpreted as death or aging, which is what I was trying to portray in this argument. Currently, many people lost confidence in American and global economy as big corporations are continually going out of business. The clear logical fallacy is appeal to emotion and arousing the feeling of uncertainty and fear that American economy might fall into a depression. I wanted to appeal to the people’s fears, because the world economy could possibly stumble.


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This ad supports Senator Obama and even views him as a superhero, representing him as Superman. On the other hand, it also views the Bush administration and John McCain as a bad group of people because in the ad, they are the evil ones, the ones who try to harm Superman. We can get this from their expressions and when Vice President Cheney presses the “misinformation” button. This applies the attacking the person from the logical fallacies because it openly calls the Republicans as evils, enemies of society. The ad also applies hasty generalizations because the ad doesn’t have any evidence that supports its argument that Obama is a superhero and Bush, Cheney, and McCain are enemies. The language in the ad is very comical.

This ad strongly supports McCain by attacking Senator Obama and giving only good sides of Senator McCain. Unlike the ad above, this ad  views McCain as the savior amongst hardships and evils (Obama). For example, the narrator accuses Obama of lying about McCain’s policies and contradicting himself. He even calls Obama a ,”Political lowlife.” We can get this feeling from the light that shines on McCain. The light represents hope and road to success. The language used is very serious. This ad applies appeal to emotion strongly. The narrator tries to convert the audience’s feelings by making Obama look bad and McCain look good. This ad attacks the person (Obama) strongly. Finally, we also see false dilemma when the narrator offers the audience two choices, “now ask yourself, who do you want running your country? an inexperienced celebrity or man with wisdom of years,” and only gives a bad choice for Obama and good one for McCain.

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